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Sexual Wellness for

Men and Women

THE "O" Shot AND THE Male Sexual Wellness 




A fast procedure with no down time, Reduces urinary incontinence many women have after child bearing.  It also increases the vaginal moisture, decreases the vaginal vault size, increases orgasms for more sexual satisfaction.  or

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ALMI is a revolutionary procedure that uses a patient’s own tissues and cells to help renew and restore damaged or diseased tissues and volume loss.

ALMI utilizes adipose cells (fat) and their stem and stromal cell components, along with platelet concentrates, which are then carefully placed directly into targeted tissues. These cells are unique because they have the potential to develop into many different types of cells and seek out areas of injury that need rejuvenation or restoration.

By inserting the cells into the affected area, this amplifies the body's healing capabilities for more efficient restoration/regeneration of the tissue. Depending on where the tissue and cells are inserted, the ALMI procedure has been proven to spark hair re-growth, rejuvenate collagen, provide structural support for volume loss, and help improve a variety of health conditions. Our body’s natural healing process is fairly efficient, but modern science can accelerate the process.

Turn back the clock on the aging process . . . restore that youthful appearance with your own tissues!  Make intimacy a great part of your life again!

Male Sexual Wellness and
Lack of Confidence or Performance Impacts You on Many Levels. We Say, Reinvigorate Yourself with ALMI™.
Male health and performance-related conditions arising from aging have long been considered “just a part of life.” Until now. Regaining or treating these issues has often involved shots, pills, or other types of remedies that don’t always work and can lead to further frustration or embarrassment, impacting your health in the process.

What ALMI™ ManShot Can Do For You
The ALMI™ (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) ManShot has been shown to help improve a variety of conditions for overall male health, including:

Erectile dysfunction
Male enhancement
Painful intercourse
Don’t have one of the clinical conditions listed above, but interested in improving the overall size of your genitalia? The ALMI™ ManShot can help. ALMI™ has been shown to assist those who want more girth or extra length for enhanced pleasure or confidence.

ALMI™ ManShot patients have reported an overall improved quality of life with better function and restored confidence and intimacy. However, no treatment can be guaranteed, and outcomes will vary from patient to patient. Individual ailments vary and the outcome depends on your body’s unique healing process. Some patients may experience results immediately or within just days of receiving the treatment, while others have taken months to reach the optimal resolution of their ailment. Each patient is different and results will vary. Your physician will determine a treatment plan tailored specifically for your condition that gives you the best chance of success.


ALMI™ FEMSHOT & The Orgasm Shot
They Say That Lack of Intimacy is a Part of Getting Older. We Say, Rediscover Yourself with ALMI™
Feel like life has stopped? Afraid to have the closeness and intimacy with your partner that was once such a vital part of your life? Vaginal health conditions that arise from childbirth, aging, and menopause have long been considered “just a part of life.” Until now.  And it is all natural!

What is the ALMI™ FemShot?

The ALMI™ (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) FemShot stimulates angiogenesis (a new blood supply) and re-activates the production of new collagen, which re-establishes the vaginal mucosa you once had. The active bio-cellular mix stimulates the tissue of the vaginal mucosa, inducing the production of collagen, which then improves the functionality of the treated area and restores the proper trophic balance to the mucous membrane.  The results are that the dryness and pain you were experiencing before ALMI™ is noticeably improved, which helps to restore your confidence about becoming intimate without fear of discomfort.

What Does the ALMI™ FemShot Treat?
The ALMI™ FemShot is one of the most effective minimally-invasive and non-pharmacological solutions for treating vaginal atrophy and its after-effects, which many women suffer from during menopause and after childbirth.  It can be performed right in your physician’s treatment room, in about an hour, and does not involve lasers, creams or hormones.  It is All-Me, All-Natural!

Conditions Improved by the ALMI™ FemShot
ALMI™ FemShot has been shown to help improve a variety of conditions for overall vaginal health, including:

Signs of childbirth and aging
Vaginal atrophy, tone, flexibility, and shape
Dryness, itchiness, and pain
Painful intercourse

ALMI™ FemShot patients have reported an overall improved quality of life with better vaginal function and decreased symptoms. However, no treatment can be guaranteed, and outcomes will vary from patient to patient.  Your physician will work with you to determine a treatment plan and discuss outcome options.  Life doesn’t have to stop due to lack of intimacy.  You can reinvigorate yourself, naturally.




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