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Fast, Easy Spider Vein Removal

Stop feeling self-conscious about your spider veins. Arizona Laser Skin Solutions offers a revolutionary new spider vein treatment called VeinGogh. This technology works on all skin colors and delivers immediate results. Contact us in Phoenix, Arizona, to learn more about this state-of-the-art technology.


Beautiful Legs

VeinGogh: The Art of Vein Treatment

Discover how easy it is to remove spider veins. VeinGogh is a new, highly effective technology designed to improve or eliminate "telangiectasias," the small veins that appear at the surface of the skin. It's safe, quick, and has almost no post-operative residual effects. Most patients only need one treatment, but occasionally a follow-up treatment will be needed to ensure optimal results.

How It Works

The VeinGogh treatment uses a stylus that holds a very fine needle. This needle delivers a "microburst" of controlled energy just under the skin but above the vessel. The energy pulse heats the vessel wall instantly, causing it to collapse. This process is known as thermo-coagulation. The results are immediate, and VeinGogh works especially well on the face. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other laser- or light-based therapies.

The VeinGogh Advantage

VeinGogh is quickly becoming the gold standard for treating spider veins. The typical patient experiences very little discomfort during treatment and should be able to return to work immediately. Unlike other therapies, the VeinGogh treatment requires little or no regimented post-operative care. You can even resume your regular exercise routines and outdoor activities following treatment. Simply apply a cool aloe vera gel or your favorite moisturizer to provide comfort and eliminate any post-treatment dryness that may occur. VeinGogh is also non-chromophore specific, so it can be used to safely treat tanned skin or darker skin types. Ask your physician if VeinGogh is right for you.